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Whether you are filing for divorce, want to alter a child support agreement, or are looking for legal solutions to family problems, the Law Office of Arthur Lampel is here to help. Our experienced team will help you to come up with a legal strategy to accomplish your goals and then carry it out.

Put your family first and make sure their legal interests are being looked after with our help.

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Family Law Services:

  • Law Cases Books Stacked on Top of Each Other Divorce

  • Paternity cases

  • Child support

  • Child custody

  • Alimony

Family of Four Including baby and toddlerCollaborative Divorce

Anyone who has been through a messy divorce will tell you that they wish they'd found a better solution - collaborative divorce. When you and your spouse decide to end the marriage, we can avoid the uncertain outcome of court by coming up with a divorce agreement that works for all parties.